I started with 18mm MDF board measuring 25” 14′,’ polystyrene sheets, plaster, I also used static grasses and flocking grass to create depth and interest. The models that I used are:

  • Revell 1969 Dodge Charger 1\24
  • MPC General Lee 1\25 for the wreck
  • MPC for Rosco’s Patrol car 1\25

I also included some Farm yard chickens in 1\32 scale, because Hazzard County chickens are BIG!!
The Barn and billboard sign are scratch built. The Barn is made from bamboo and I used corrugated cardboard to create the roofing and side walls! As for the billboard sign I used lollipop sticks and made up my own custom signs (couldn’t decide on which I preferred so I used both)
The base also has a soundboard that plays the theme tune, a clip from an episode, and of course the Dixie horn!
Rosco has lighting effect on his light bar, as well as a fire effect in the barn!

It’s important for me to tell a story when doing a Diorama, my own builds are seldom simple as I like to push myself to the extreme! (ie) EXTREME BUILDING! I recommend people in this Fantastic hobby of ours, to push the bounds of imagination take it to the limit and take a step forward, think outside the box, push your art to the extreme!! I think you will be surprised at the reaction you will receive! I know I was!

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Happy Modelling,


Text, built: David Lazenby

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