The figure, due to the Greek theme and the splendid sculpture, became unmoved in the field of modeling.
The skin is painted with oils (winsor @ newton).
Basic: 50 /% burnt sienna, 50% titanium white.
Shadows: Basic + burnt sienna.
Brightness: Basic + titanium white.
The colors are from Vallejo and for the golden parts after the acrylic painting, they were painted with paint oils.
The shadows were burnt umber and I used gold ink on the prints.
Basic red color for the brace: 909 vermillion + 908 carmine red + minimum 984 flat brown.
Brightness: Basic + 909+ 845 sunny skitone.
Shadows: Basic + 984 + 859 black red + 950 black.
Wallets and footwear: Basic 984+ 941 burnt umber.
Brightness: Basic + 845.
Shadows: Basic + 950. On the shield we painted the royal symbol. The circle has 36 rays.18 in white, 9 in black and 9 in red. Red 909 Black 950 White 820 offwhite + 918 ivory.
To expand the base I used epoxy putty. The grasses are from mum nature.

By Giannis Skouras

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