Hobby Boss Tu-2 Bomber

I present you the model young Dimitris, my son, built n his own at the age of 9.  It is from the “easy kit” series from Hobby Boss, which is ideal for beginners.
Since he has made some models already, he had no difficulty at all during the construction phase.  The kit has an exceptionally good fit, so it doesn’t have any difficulty.  He completed the construction in about two hours and moved along in painting the model.  Initially, he drew with a pencil the camouflage lines and proceeded with painting with a brush.  It was an excellent opportunity to play with the thinning of the color and learn how to paint better.
After completing the painting, he got his “baptism of fire” on masking, in order to correctly separate the bottom from the top.  The only help I gave him was in masking of the canopy.
This was also the first time he tried to apply decals and I think that he did a good job, (OK, one of them broke on application, but fortunately the damage is not visible at all).

The colors used were Gunze and because they were thinned, young Dimitris applied them wearing a mask.  It is essential that our youngsters follow safety measures, for us as well, since it is not only a health issue, but also we are our young modellers’ role models at the same time…
I hope that more presentations of young modellers will follow, to give us an idea of what’s coming with the new generation!

The kit was awarded with the silver medal in IPMS contest

By Dimitris Galenianos
Translation: George Roumbos

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