A new release from the Ukrainian ICM of particular interest

A Greek theme in the popular 1/35th scale. Not simply Greek soldiers, but Evzones.

Opening the hard box, we see a light beige frame with 67 parts, giving us the ability to construct four Evzones. One officer, (Lieutenant), a petty officer, (Corporal) and two
soldiers. There are also two alternative heads if you want to change their postures.

Their weaponry consists of a revolver for the officer, a Chauchat submachine gun and two rifles, probably Mannlicher (subject to reservations).
The instructions sheet is also the painting guide. Therefore they will have to be thoroughly studied before we cut the parts and glue them to the figure. The main body of the figure consists of the trunk, the legs in two pieces and the lower parts of the tunic in three pieces, in order to represent correctly the creases of the cloth. The heads are given separately, as well as the bandoliers, bayonets and the soldiers’ haversacks.The slings for the weapons are not given in the kit, so they will have to be made from scratch.

We should point out that the engraving, especially in the faces, is very good as it represents the features of the face really good, but there are a lot of molding marks which have to be sanded and filled in, a laborious job for their size.

The colors are given in Model Master Codes and it will take a lot of research for the correct painting of the figures, as historical views vary about the colors of the uniforms of the time.Despite the difficulties mentioned, the subject remains unique and its worth for someone to devote his time on it.


TEXT, PHOTOS: Kostas Katsikadelis
Translated by George Roumbos

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