Greetings fellow modelers! My name is Konstantinos Koutsionis and like all of you, my favorite hobby is static modeling. My approach to the hobby is not “plastic modeling”, but “wood modeling”.  I do commissioned work from scratch of any kind of models, from F1 cars up to tractors.

My latest build, which is underway for the last two weeks now, is a battle tank.  The model though I would like to present to you is a Scania truck with a fuel tank!  The task was very difficult and demanded hard work for 8-9 hours every day – except for Sundays!

The start of all projects is a thorough study of photos, information and various other data for at least one week. The procedure goes as follows:  I do all the measurements, decide upon what kind of wood and how much I am going to need and then design the template of the project.  For the template I use blueprints found on the internet. I begin cutting the big pieces with a band saw!  On the rough basic shape, I start working with hand saws, chisels, rasps and a lot of patience, essential for that kind of work.  A lot of times, just before the work is finished, the piece breaks and you have to start all over again.  Everything is done by hand.  There is neither lathe nor any other special tool.

The tools I use are:  electrical screwdriver, rasp, saw, small hand saws, small drills, 80-100-120-150 grid sandpaper, a vice, an electrical sander and hole saws, (with these I make the wheels on their initial shape only to be reshaped to their final shape with the use of sandpaper). I also use toothpicks and wooden skewers!  For the inner sides of the wheels and other round surfaces I use wooden pegs.  But to create all this, patience and perception are essential and everything is based on what the eye perceives and what can be transferred to the wood.

But it is unique as a hobby because we create something from scratch, without any molds or casting.  Everything is done by hand and you can see on the photos, only with the help of the tools mentioned above.  You can see the attention given to detail and the attempt to come as close as possible to reality. For the fuel tank, I glued two square pieces as a sandwich and using a rasp and a plane removed all the excess wood in order to shape the pieces, as you can see in the photos.  With the electrical sander I smoothed and polished the entire surface.  The whole procedure took me 6 hours and 35 minutes. All details are added at the end and of course are made by hand.  The basic elements on finalizing and “decorating” the model are toothpicks, pegs and wooden skewers.

I don’t want to bore you more by writing more details, but with the photos you can see the work step by step and how it develops!

Of course you can see more of my work on my facebook page:

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Thank you for your time reading the article and I hope you liked my work!

Text, photos by Konstantinos Koutsionis

Translated by George Roumbos

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