Building a kit of a Humvee in Desert Color camouflage has always fascinated me. So, I began my effort
choosing the M1025 ARMORED CARRIER kit by ACADEMY in the 1/35th scale.

Upon opening the box, one is pleased to see all parts in the sprues clear of any flash and the very detailed rubber wheels come as a great surprise. From the start, I wanted to
improve the overall picture of the model. So, I spent some extra time in opening the driver’s door, as well as the tailgate and adding more detail in the interior.


Body-Repair “The Sergeant”
opened carefully the driver’s door and the tailgate. Unfortunately, the lack of any detail in the cab was clearly to be seen, so first I decided to improve the driver’s area adding the pedals and some detail on the inside of the door and body. (Fig. 1) Likewise, the inner part of the truck bed was improved by using thin strips of plastic sprue, I added the pin lock on the 0.50 cal. machine gun and some detail on the inside of the gunner’s cupola, (Fig.1a). Following all that, I primed the model using Gray Primer by Mig and left it to dry for 24 hrs. I painted the interior with Khaki Drab by Tamiya, (Fig. 2).

εικ. 1α

At this stage, all interior details were highlighted using the Modern Vehicle and Dark Brown or Green Vehicle washes by Mig. Wanting to replicate the sandy environment of the desert; I used Light Dust Effects, again by Mig, in selective parts of the interior, (Fig. 3).

Continuing and after the cabin was closed, all external surfaces of the model were airbrushed using AK 122 US Vehicles Base Color, from the AK Interactive acrylic paint series. The external body work was completed by airbrushing different tones of the same line of colors in different places of intense and embossed details on all surfaces, (Fig. 4).

“Loading” the Humvee
I added a towing cable made out of thin copper wire and placed it randomly on the bonnet, wanting to capture and represent the everyday “sloppy” placement of components in combat conditions, (Fig 4a). More equipment from my spares box was added, such as a backpack, two bundles of camouflage nets, covers and ammunition boxes.Finally, an M-60 machine gun and a radio antenna completed the vehicle’s “loading”. (Fig. 5).

εικ. 2
εικ. 3

Proceeding towards the completion of the model, I added some light chipping effects using a fine brush (Nr. 00) and Metallic Gray by Tamiya and airbrushed the whole with a
coat of Satin Varnish. When everything dried out, I did a final wash using U.S. Modern Vehicle Wash and sealed everything with Matt Varnish by Mig. The model was completed by dusting the windscreen, the tires and painting of the signal lights.

By Leonidas X. Konstantoglou
Translated by George Roumbos

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