Usually, it is the biggest decision for a novice modeler, but we will try to make it simple with a few examples.


Α). The first step is to choose the subject to work with.

Countless subjects are standing there, ready to draw you on. Among them are aircarfts (oldies or new ones, jets or propelled, civil or war planes), ships (old or new), tanks (old or new), spaceships, cars etc.


Β). The scale is an important decision.

Models can be built in many scales but the most common are 1/144, 1/72, 1/32, 1/35, 1/48, 1/16, 1/8 etc. The smaller the scale is, the smallest the model̇; the bigger the scale the biggest the model (Image 1). The best choice for a begginer is to purchase a 1/72 model, not only for the small amount of pieces that has, but also for its tiny volume

C). The simplicity of its building.

The first model should be relatively simple. It has to be easy to assemble without complicated components (ropes, antennas etc). Not so many decals also (we will explain in later article), and generally not many clear or tiny parts.


D). The simplicity of its painting.

It will be ideal to choose a model that needs only a few colors to paint its camouflage. A single color model should be what a novice is looking for.


Having the above in mind and under guidance by the shopholders or experienced modelers, it is sure that we will take the right decision of our very first model kit. And remember, it is the trip that maters not the destination…!!!

Enjoy my friends..

Writer: Alkis Paraskevopoulos
Translation: Ntakis Alexandros

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