During the period 1958-59, czechoslovak air force presented a special painted Mig-15, S.N. 1305,which flown with the 18th fighter bomb wing.
For the construction part, we are dealing with the very good engraved Eduard mold, weekend edition. The cockpit is represented with lots of detail, despite the scale. The fitting required a small amount of filler.
The difficult part of course was the painting of the blue squares that cover the surface of the plane.
Everything was made from scratch and after a lot of research from photos and bibliography.

I started by painting humbrol 85 (black) as a primmer. Next we painted Humbrol 25 (blue) dilluted about 60/40. When the paint has dried, we measure with a ruler, create the blue squares and put masking tape where needed. Then we paint the last colour, Humbrol 27002 (silver). The removing of the masking tape was next and applying a clear coat. We apply the decals and ‘wash’ the kit. Our Mig was sealed with an enamel clear coat. For the cable we used a strand of hair.

Text – construction: Panagiotis Kavvadas
Translation: Konstantinos Nikas.

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