This is a ’37 Ford pickup truck and I tried to make it look very rusty and old abandoned truck.
Then I added trees and grasses to create a nature scene.
I used diorama accessories and nature materials to make base, and I applied acrylics, oil paint, pigments and enamel paints that I usually use.

I used a hand grinder to grind the bonnet and front grille as thin as possible to make it look more realistic which requires a lot of time and effort.
I also used the hand grinder to make the car front panda and other parts look crushed.  Moreover, I used a torch lighter to make ther of dent

'37 Ford pickup truck '37 Ford pickup truck

The mig Surface Rust Primer  was applied with airbrush on the base layer. Then it was painted with Vallejo acrylic  colors (Lightrust, Darkrust, Bunt Umber, Black Brown, Yellow sh rust).
I think that painting the base to express rust effect is the most important process. When I painted the base with an airbrush, I applied dark colors on dented areas and light colors on the rest to give contrast.
However, there are many other ways and I think you should choose what’s best for you.

'37 Ford pickup truck '37 Ford pickup truck '37 Ford pickup truck '37 Ford pickup truck

After assembling the engine, I basically used copper wire to do the detail-up
After airbrushing on rust Surfaces, acrylic black and silver colors were applied by using a brush.
Rust acrylic color was applied to create sponge chipping effect. I used the MiGrust enamel wash and striking effect colors to add more details.

After applying the 502 oil rust color on the engine piping, pigments used on it while the color was still wet  on piping to create more natural and rough rusty appearance.

Finally, I used a pencil and metallic pigment to make the metal look more realistic.

'37 Ford pickup truck '37 Ford pickup truck '37 Ford pickup truck '37 Ford pickup truck

'37 Ford pickup truck '37 Ford pickup truck '37 Ford pickup truck '37 Ford pickup truck

'37 Ford pickup truck '37 Ford pickup truck '37 Ford pickup truck '37 Ford pickup truck

For the cabin, Tamiya XF-23 and XF-2 were mixed in a  9:1 ratio and air-brushed. Then chipping was done by using water and a rough sponge after applying chipping solution / hair spray on it.

'37 Ford pickup truck

I used “Bare-Metal” black chrome to create peeling paint effect on the driver’s door and it was convenient to use because it was thin.
I teared the bare-metal by hands to create natural look. After taping, I gave a sponge chipping.

Basic Weathering

'37 Ford pickup truck '37 Ford pickup truck '37 Ford pickup truck

I used a 1.5mm square plastic rods and a 0.5mm round plastic rods after cutting off the luggage compartment of the truck.
I applied the dark color first and used lighter color later to make a grain pattern.

1.AK789 Burt Umber
2.788 Medium Brown
3.787 Medium gray
4.786 Light Brown
5.785 Medium Gray
6.784 light gray

I repeated the process from 1to 6 until I was satisfied.

'37 Ford pickup truck

The car driver’s panel glass was made by using wood glue
Insert small amount of wood bond in the instrument panel and wait until it becomes transparent. Repeat this process several times to complete a simple panel glass. After airbrushing the XF-60 Dark Yellow on a car seat  and applying dark rust or burnt umber color oil paint with a brush gives more natural leather color. You should repeat the process until you get satisfied color.

As I mentioned before, I mixed the Tamiya XF-23 and XF-2 in a ratio of 9: 1 and air-brushed. Then I sprayed with chipping solution or hair spray on it. Then I chipped them (using chopping water and a rough brush) and I did simple wash with Mig rust enamel wash.

The base

I used materials such as soil, sponge powder, natural materials and mixed with wood glue for the base. Then I added Landscapes and Mig Maple to give more details.

In addition, I made the remaining runner thin with a torch lighter and put them together to look like tree branches. Then I applied the Tamiya Putty with a brush and waited for them to dry so that I can apply acrylic wood color with a brush. Finally, I attached leaves to them to look like trees.



Και φτάνουμε στο τελικό αποτέλεσμα, το οποίο είναι πολύ αληθοφανές…

'37 Ford pickup truck

You can see the completed diorama by clicking here!

Text – construction: Hong Sung Cheol


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