At this particular article, we are going to recreate a Soviet WW2 era battle tank, during its service at Cyprus National Guard.

We are not going into historical details, but we are going to focus at the modifications needed to depict an accurate Cyprian T-34/85, based on photos we gathered after searching online.

We used the Zvezda kit No. 3533 T-35/85 Soviet Medium Tank.

It’s a simple kit, molded in green soft plastic with vinyl tracks.

During the construction we used filler and also some interventions with plastic sheets, such as closing the gap on the lower part of rhe hull, above the wheels, which was empty.

Zvezda Νο 3533,T-34/85 Zvezda Νο 3533,T-34/85

It’s good to dry fit test first, before adjusting the parts together.

The relief at the turret and hull is very nice, if in some parts a little excessive.

The tracks came in one vinyl piece and some might go to aftermarket products. But with lots of patience and careful adjustment can give a decent result.

The construction started by studying the differences between the Soviet and Cyprian tanks.

First and blatantly difference is the 0.50 cal machine gun and placement i the front or the back of the turret. We found a machine gun in our spares box and we scratch built the placement using two plastic tubes and a plastic sheet.

Zvezda Νο 3533,T-34/85

Second there was a spotlight on the right side of the hull, the kit has it on its left side and a blackout spotlight at the left side. We visit our spares box one more time.

Third there was a square box on the left side of the hull, that we made from plastic sheet also.

Zvezda Νο 3533,T-34/85

When everything came into place we spray paint with Vallejo air 71013 Yellow Olive as a primmer and after it dried, we spay with a wide beam and from a distance with 71017 Russian Green from the same color range, so that we give our kit a faded-weathered-repainted look.

Next came the decals from LM Decals company, No. 35018, which are decals for vehicles of the Cyprian National Guard from 1960 to 1975. Excellent printing that needed little if not at all decal softener.

The final dusty look came after applying the wash technique with oil paints in earthly tones and dry brushing details of the tank. We left the tracks for last. After washing them in warm water and dish soap, we paint them with 722 Dark Tracks from AK interactive. The particular product was applied without primmer and it wasn’t damaged during the placement. After fitting them, we dry brushed them with gun metal.

Zvezda Νο 3533,T-34/85 Zvezda Νο 3533,T-34/85 Zvezda Νο 3533,T-34/85 Zvezda Νο 3533,T-34/85

Zvezda Νο 3533,T-34/85 Zvezda Νο 3533,T-34/85 Zvezda Νο 3533,T-34/85 Zvezda Νο 3533,T-34/85

Text-Construction: Kostas Katsikadelis
Translation: Konstantinos Nikas

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