The kit comes from Plus Model and all parts are in resin, with a set of photo etched parts also included.

A very easy kit to assemble and with the combination of the included photo etched parts provided a very realistic result.

After completing the assembly, all parts, photo etched included, received two hands of Humbrol primer, and then the painting process started. I decided to use the hair spray technique in order to achieve the more realistic results in all the paint damages that would follow.

Lanz Bulldog Lanz Bulldog

Lanz Bulldog

First came some different hands of various rust tones, always with acrylic and Vallejo in particular.  After two layers of hair spray I had to decide on the basic color I would use.

Lanz Bulldog

The truth is that in these scales the colors that will present the models detail better are the light ones, always according to the techniques we are going to use.

I decided to use a light blue. I started the process by using it very thinned. The idea is not to “paint” the model but rather save the shadows in selected areas.

In some flat areas some white was added in the base color to light the surfaces.

Then came the color wears. As the model does not have any big surfaces, we should proceed with the color damages in caution as it is very easy to be carried away while making sure you avoid some unnatural similarities.

Just because an area is rusted doesn’t mean that another one must be also.

That is a principle we must always keep in mind, together with the extend we want the color wear to be and the areas we want to appear rusted.

When this part was over, we had to attend to the lighting of the rust in special areas as well as on the basic color around them.

Finally came some dusting on the wheels and lower parts of the kit and some “improvements” in the engine area using oils.

After the painting of the kit was complete I decided to make a simple vignette to host it.

Lanz Bulldog Lanz Bulldog Lanz Bulldog

So, I built a small part of a tobacco warehouse, using some balsa wood. In order to add some realistic appearance to the surrounding area grass, earth and some small accessories were places. They were all glued using white glue and after drying were all painted in various earthy tones.

The final detail was the rooster that was places on the tractor in order to add some “life element” to the vignette.

I can say it was a pleasant built which was awarded a Golden Medal at the IPMS exhibition as well as the Mosonmagyaróvár exhibition.

Build – text – photos: George Mefsut
Translation: Konstantinos Kokkinoplitis

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