Shopping List:

  • Morrisons Firm Hold Hold It Hairspray 70p
  • Johnson’s Baby/Talc Powder £2
  • Metal sieve (optional)
  • A finished model or diorama

To start with you will need to take your finished model or
diorama and apply a thin layer of hairspray to any static
grass present. This will keep the grass stiff and prevent it
from moving under the talc.

Pour the talc into a small sieve and sprinkle a very thin
layer over the model. The use of a sieve helps distribute
the talc thin and evenly; avoiding large clumps which can
be caused by pouring directly from the bottle.
Hold the sieve higher to achieve a lighter coverage, or
closer to achieve a heavier appearance..

After applying a very thin layer of talc seal with a generous
coverage of hairspray. Make sure you hold the can
approximately 30cm or higher above the model.
Holding the can too close can blow the talc away, flatten
the grass or create pools of moisture. Allow 3 minutes to
dry before tapping off any excess powder.

Repeat steps 2 and 3 until the desired outcome is
achieved. For the best effects build up in many thin layers.
Once happy apply 5-10 thin coats of matt varnish or
pastel fixer to ensure the talc remains dry and undamaged
from moisture over time. I have not tested the lasting
effects of this technique over a long period of time. All
models I have applied this technique to have been within
the last 6 months; all still remain perfect.



  1. I use bicarb of soda which I find works using your same way to apply. This has lasted me years if in a cabinet , but does yellow in time when not. Hope this helps.

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