An OOB construction of the above kit, which is a decent with no fitting problems kit and easy to follow instructions.

After assembly and priming the kit, Tamiya’s NATO Green paint was sprayed. Then we start masking before painting the other three colors, which means that this process was done three times!

We airbrushed the following colors in that order: Black Gray, Brown Sand and a blend of German Camo Bright Green with Buff (all Vallejo Model Color).

We lighten each color with matching colors from the Vallejo color series.


A Satin varnish was sprayed, followed by applying the decals and painting the metal parts with metal air from Vallejo Air.
Corrections in places that we had oversprayed were done by dry brushing or with gentle brush strokes.
For the filters we used MIG’s Trical Camo and the pins were ‘washed’ with 502Abteilung Brown Spray Brown.
The tracks were sprayed with Tamiya’s ground colors and the soles were painted with a mix of Panzer Aces Dark Rubber and Light Rubber.
We dust the kit with various blends of MIG pigments dominated by Europe Dust.

I hope you like the result..

Text – build: Dimitris Tsitsopoulos
Translation: Konstantinos Nikas

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