T-6A/NTA Texan II Grand Models 1:72

The kit is of Grand models, all made of resin with great detail for its size. The shaft is given one-piece along with the cockpit and with a weight so that it stands in the landing system at the end without any problems. The same is the wings, in one piece the top and the bottom while their application with the spindle is very good and very little putty is required. The kit provides photo etched parts for instrument panels and some portions of landing legs, ventral air brakes and some antennas. The detail of the seats is admirable. A set of arms is also available depending on the version that everyone wants to manufacture. The signal card is of excellent quality with thin film resistant and no need for decals for decals. Decals are provided for aircraft of the Hellenic Air Force, USA, Israel, Morocco, Iraq, and Mexico. Particular attention is paid to the hood when it is cut since it is vacuum.

For my model I used Humbrol enamels, testor metal and Van Gogh oils for washing. The model was painted with a brush and I did not encounter any problems during the construction! I highly recommend it!

Buit – text: Filippos Anagnostopoulos
Translation: Antony Galenianos

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