AB-205 SAR

The ESCI kit is an ancient one for today’s data, and unfortunately, too many changes are needed to stand. But since it fell into my hands and since I wanted to make a Greek  Huey I decided to fight it.
The crew’s seats were replaced by scratch built ones based on photos. Then the fuel tank that is inside the helicopter cabin (this is optional as not all of the Hueys fly with an internal tank) must be built. However, its construction is not difficult. I made it with stucco and aluminum foil.
A relatively difficult transformation is the construction of the refrigerator under the spindle due to the age of the plastic that is cut and rubbed hard but also the exit hole of the winch under the fuselage.
From then on, the construction went well with the only additions to the rescuing means that were made with artistic stucco.
The colors are Gunze acrylic in the classic version of NATO, only in green I added a little olive drab.

By Tasos Tzigkounakis
Translated by Antony Galenianos


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