The kit is quite complex especially to stick the wheels aligned to fit properly.

The colors used are all Vallejo acrylics. After the end of the assembly, it was primed with the Humbrol primer and painted metallic parts with a rust (body, crane wheels) and wooden parts (car body) with a shade of wood. After spray painting and then the basic color, green light and blue rims. After having dried out, i sprayed the basic colors with a wet brush, I selectively removed the basic color to show below the rust or the color of the wood. With a sponge and various shades of rust I did an extra chipping.


Similar work was done in the wooden parts. Then it was washed with oil (mixing black with Burnt Sienna …) and pin wash on all the bolts (bolts – screws) as well as on the interfaces of the boards of the body.

Finally, with various powders (shades of rust and earth) several points were wethered, so that the result became more interesting.

By Philippos Ioannou

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