MENG F-102AThe kit is from MENG at 1:72 scale with XX wings.
The conversion kit is from Grand Model Retinen.
The original kit is excellent with very good detail and it doesnt need any putty, since the fitting is flawless.
The conversion kit is very good and it will need some sanding to eliminate some mold residue, while the lines are very thin and needs attention not to eliminate them during sanding.
According to the instructions for the fitting of the conversion kit, we’ll have to saw over the lines of the meng kit. Because the two seated edition of the F102 has a different cross section and shape, there might be a little issue during the fitting so sanding is unavoidable. If you properly cut its original shape from the start and sand it a lot, there wont be any trouble.

The cockpit of the conversion kit is extremely detailed, especially regarding the seats, the instrument panel and the side panels, which are PE as well as engraved. The canopy comes in vacuum and its quite bare. With sheets of plastic and wire, i try to make it represent as close as possible to the interior of the real one, and with copper foil i constructed the vortex generators of the canopy and some panels taking consideration from photos of the original.

For painting, Gunze’s H57 was used to represent the only TF-102A of HAF with XX wing, and painted with ADC gray and its on display at HAF’s Aerial Museum at Tatoi, we weathered our plane just a little bit and Van Gogh oils were used for washing.
The model is hand painted with a brush and for the metal parts i used Mr Color’s range. The decals come from Icarus range.

Αs a conclusion i have to say that it was a very interesting project of converting a single seated airplane to a two seated airplane, and the two kits
are excellent and easy to work on with only exception of the fitting among them in which you will have to be patience and very carefull about.
I recommend them both!!

By Filippos Anagnostopoulos
Translation by Konstantinos Nikas

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