For the construction of the model,we used the resin kit of Nieuport 24 from Polish Karaya at 1/48th scale. to convert the kit into a Nieuport 27 is recommended only if it is to change the axis of the wheels from single to divided. Unfortunately the poor quality of the casting, the detail and the dimensions of the individual pieces made me use only the basic pieces, i.e. the fuselage and the wings. For my scratcbuilding I decided to use aftermarket materials, plastic sheet and extra patience. Specifically, various photoetched pieces were recruited for the cockpit area, seat and the “rails” of the throttle from Tom’s Modellworks, the instruments from Eduard, the cable grommets from  GasPatch and Albion Alloys. The Le Rhone 9J engine, resin from Vector upgraded with Albion’s copper lengths.

Vickers machine gun includes a trunk from the Hauler set and a jacket from Part’s photoetched pieces. The wheels are modified British wheels
from Eduard’s Camel. The propeller was made from laminations of cedar leaf (cigar pack) and was sanded based on photos and drawings before painting. The challenge to leave the propeller in wood color was great, but logic prevailed and eventually it was sprayed with a maroon  color that all the French propellers of the period were painted.

All metal parts were painted with Alclad colors. For the pattern colors i used the original (indeed!) Acrylics of the Italian Mister Kit. Their composition strongly resembles a “plastic” wall dye, and in order to be airsprayed, meticulous dilution was required with a mixture of isopropyl alcohol and Future at 33% for each component, oils were used for weathering and the varnishes were Alclad laquer. The national emblems  and the ‘snake’ on the fuselage, which is an operational sign in the Sangarios River, were painted using masks, while the codes and warnings were printed on a decal sheet with a home laser printer.
The model depicts an aircraft of the C Company in 1921 at Eski Sehir and we are particularly grateful as Greeks and lucky as researchers / modellers having the lens of Henry Boissonas recorded it!

Hellenic Air Force, 1908-1944, department of the History of HAF, Athens 2000.
History of the Hellenic Air Force, 1919-1929 , department of the History of HAF, Athens 1983.
Nieuport 24/27 at war! Centenary Datafile #167, author Paolo Varriale, Albatros Productions Ltd, GB 2015.

By Pavlos Tsekas
Translation: Konstantinos Nikas

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