The Ioannina Modellers Club, Greece, proudly presents the first ever Commemorative Painted Tank of the Hellenic Armed Forces, nicknamed “The 8th Recon Tank Battalion’s Bulls”.

The innovative idea of our club member and Hellenic Armed Forces member, Panagiotis Kavvadas was first presented to our club in the summer of 2017.  The idea was to paint a Leopard 1 A5 tank in a commemorative paint scheme for the types’ 25 years in Hellenic Service.

The project was met and tackled with great enthusiasm.  Through many meetings and planning and after a long process through the Army’s’ hierarchy, the project was approved by the Chief of Staff of the Army and began to take shape.

The design team, consisted of Master Sergeant Panagiotis Kavvadas, the Ioannina Modellers Club and art designer Georgios Santamouris, worked initially on the design of the commemorative scheme and then went on in painting the tank.


The Ioannina Modellers Club would like to thank the commanding officer of the 8th Brigade and the commanding officer of the 8th Recon Tank Battalion for their key contribution in the realization of the idea, as well as the units’ personnel who worked on the realization of this project.


Text – Translation: George Roumbos

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