The diorama represents the battle of the German tribes against the Roman legions that took place in the Teutoburg Forest in the 9th century AD !!
26 figures have been used, of which 13 are from Pegaso.
In two of these, they have been added shields and Roman banners, while another, after being cleaned, has a fur vest, trousers, boots and the left hand has been changed to hold a shield. In the right hand, we put a sword since in the prototype figure holding a trident.
Two figures are from the Soldiers company, where in one, we took out the banner (eagle) holding it and we put a shield on the other, in the right hand we put the banner with the eagle and on the left hold a sword.
One figure is from Cronos, four Andrea figures and the rest, bought from ebay.

The figures are painted with acrylic paints and the flesh with oils.
The trees are from mum nature and twigs from the company Heki.

The time to make the drones was around 16 months.

By Giannis Skouras
Translated by Antony Galenianos

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