Revell 1/32 - LYNX

Construction of the German Navy’s LYNX anti-submarine helicopter from the REVELL kit on the 1/32 scale.

The kit impresses with its plethora of pieces (350), the very good fit, the cockpit detail and the cabin as well as the quality of the decals. Constructively and starting from the cockpit and the cabin, the only additions that were made were cables, where copper wire was used in several places. The kit was primed, while the anti-glare surface of the cockpit was sprayed with Humbrol 3 and a 1/10 dilution.

It was a necessity to mask the fuselage, as the feline decal is given in pieces and there must be a great deal of precision in its masking. The colors used are Humbrol 15 for blue in a 60/40 ratio. For the cat and the tail were used two shades of orange. The first was achieved by blending Humbrol 99 + 60 in a 70/30 ratio and the second with the same colors in a 90/10 ratio. The bottom shaft was painted with Humbrol 34. The kit was sealed with semi-gloss lacquer and then followed by the demanding process of decals. At the end of the process the kit was sprayed again with varnish.

The photograph took place outside (Lake Pamvotis, Ioannina), with a mobile phone, without further processing.

By Panos Kavvadas
Translation by Antony Galenianos

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