Eduard Hellcat Mk.II

The kit is Eduard’s hellcat in 1/48 and is one of the two Mk models. I / Mk. II Dual Combo. The model is accompanied by photo etched and masks while it has several stencils.
Improvements were made to the rear landing leg, machine gun barrels, rocket cables and exhaust. Also the wheels with a plastic sheet grew a bit thick because I read that they are narrow.
The model was prepared externally with white vallejo primer where needed and black primer of vallejo.
Chipping fluid
Intermediate blue, fray where it was deemed necessary
Post shading on the bars and fadings in various panels, painting oils burnt umber, ochre, black
Gunze gloss varnish to seal the decals
Exhaust & amp; weapons
Pin wash with oils
Windsor & Newton Matt Varnish
Various fuel leaks, oil stains
Tonal differences with dry pastel
Damage with silver and gray pencil
The antenna is a miraculous EZ line.

By George Chatzidakis

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