Revell released Phantom’s Air Defense Edition F-4G in 1/32. This is the well-known F-4F kit with the addition of new sprues replacing those of the F version, but it also contains everything for the E version released by Revell-Monogram USA to 1998 (photo F-4E).

The phantom E version refers to the “simple” version of phantoms before given any upgrade and the F-4E (SRA) that the Greek Air Force used, which had worn several variants of camo (Vietnam, Aegean Blue, Hill-Gray and Aegean Ghost) of the 337 UAW (Unit of Any Weather).

We will not use any of the pieces shown in the instructions for the G version, but instead we will use the pieces in the sprues as shown in the pictures.

For the cockpit we will use the vertical consoles with numbers 254 and 255 from the sprue K (photo cockpit) and for the side panels we will use parts No. 250-251-252-253 as it is shown in the instructions manual ( PHOTO 1).

(note that the kit also contains consoles 187 -188 in sprue B for the F-4F version that we will not use (PHOTO B) or the corresponding 271-270 for the F-4 G from sprue J)

For the vertical fin we will not use the wide antenna part No. 274-275 but instead we will use part 258 with the RWR sensor from sprue K that few SRA phantoms used (PHOTO TAIL) or part 208 but it.s wrong in shape, from sprue B.

We do not use parts 272-273 (antenna under the RADAR) (PHOTO 3) but parts 204-205 (PHOTO GUN) from sprue B.

The kit also gives the windshield for the canopy that was worn by a few phantom and a Greek F-4E (SRA) 68-424 (PHOTO CLEAR).

In the sprues there are all the pieces for the construction of the F-4F with simple stabilators, while the slotted stalibators have been added that was missing so far. The J sprue is not to be used, as it is only for the G version.

We can load our phantom with the AIM-9L SIDEWINDER and AIM-7F SPARROW from J sprue, but not the AIM-120B AMRAAM. The radar that comes with the kit is only to be used for the F-4 F version

This kit becomes a Greek F-4E but not AUP since it will require some conversions mainly in the cockpit area.

Some spots that spoil the final image of the kit are, the shape of the RADAR cone which needs replacement because it’s not possible to corrected it by any means, the air ducts that are larger in shape, the shape of the canopy and the slightly raised back of the fuselage.

Article by George Athanasiadis
Translated by Konstantinos Nikas

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