From the first jets that flew after the war and served in a mainly educational role. It was designed by the famous designer Clarence “Kelly” Johnson who, as head of the design office Skunk Works, created the famous F-104 Starfighter, the high-altitude U-2 spy, as well as the highly futuristic SR-71 Blackbird supersonic aircraft. The T-33 also served successfully in the Hellenic Air Force for 50 consecutive years as a trainer. I present this historic plane to you on a 1/48 scale. The kit is from the company Academy and the construction was very simple and pleasant.

The colors I used were from the new range of Gunze metallic colors which are really great, as well as various shades of AK XTREME METAL metallics. The final result was sealed with the glossy varnish of AK Gauzy Agent, a varnish ideal for highlighting metal surfaces.

Build: Thodoris Kalorizos

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