Encore Models USS Olympia

The Encore models kit is essentially an old Revell kit with the addition of photo etched sets. There is also a more Premium version with a wooden deck and metal barrels.

The construction required patience since the age of the kit is not hidden by anything. The photo etched were very good except for some stairs which should be one step above. Nothing tragic however and the image of the model is greatly upgraded. I could have done more homework on different parts of the ship but eventually limited myself to just a few tasks. I made metal barrels from brass tubes and metal rods from a rod on a mini lathe.

Also some 30 arias pulleys with plastic discs and wire. The model deck had embossed joints on the boards, so I decided to make it out of paper. I printed an A4 with boards and made the outlines from photos I found of the wooden deck. Rigging with 0.1mm wire and wig hairs. The sea was made in the well-known way of styrofoam, with cotton for the foams.

Build: Nikos Kosmadakis

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