Me-109 T2 Norway 1944

The naval version of the Me-109 which was designed to be operated by the aircraft carrier Graf Zepellin, but was eventually used from land bases. The specific aircraft of the German ace Herbert Christmann, operated by Lister of Norway in 1944. The model of MPM is of the sort run type with resin parts and vacuformed cover. A model that made it quite difficult for me despite its small size. All lines were redrawn, all surfaces were riveted and plastic sheet details were added to the cockpit. Also, the nests of the S / P were built from the beginning, since they were completely absent.

Another challenge was the special camo variation with the ‘snakes’ that were made with a lot of care above the splinter camo.

Build: George Gamsizis
Translation: Antony Galenianos

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