In the small diorama I made, the old Alan kit was used (No. 012).

 The quality of the kit and its detail are mediocre (after all, its age!). What helped him a lot in terms of detail was the Eduard photo engraver (35 345) suitable for this kit. The end result was clearly better! The general assembly was completed without any difficulty. I had to replace the tools and canisters from another company for more fidelity than those of the kit.

The painting started with a primer for the base and then various acrylics and oils for the existing color! It was completed with powders for the most faithful representation in the surrounding area where the model is located …

I added the figures of the company Mini Art (35 141) trying to create an image of relaxation away from the first line of the forehead! However, the maintenance work of the chariot should be done under whatever conditions prevail for the required readiness …

I believe that the final result is very satisfying!

Build: Panagiotis Tas

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