The kit i used is Revell’s 04550. I also used the after market kits: Blackdog big set F-15 GWH, Aires Cockpit και Photo etched της eduard.

The basic color is the spray of Tamiya AS-10. The other colors used are mainly Tamiya, except for the electronics bays painted with the Xtracolor X159. The varnishes are Galeria WINSOR & NEWTON. Apart from the basic paint, the rest were painted with a brush as well as the varnish. The blackdog set was applied to the kit where it is for the corresponding GWH kit, so it took a lot of work. All open-bays were opened using Line Scriber. Due to the fact that the detail set is for a different kit, the gaps created were huge resulting in a lot of plastering and the application in some places was impossible. The top where the engine is visible as well as the plumbing in front of, is my creation for more emphasis on detail!

My initial decision was to make the F-15E Strike Eagle, so the variant is the Strike Eagle and not the Eagle where the color should have been more light. There was a problem with the application of the extra tanks to the right and left of the engine inlets, where I wanted to show the open cannon of the plane. After market decals were used for the Strike Eagle version.

I hope you enjoy the final result as much as I enjoyed its construction.

Build: Antonis Palaiologos

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